Polytex Engineering Group is one of the leading chemical engineering, procurement and construction (“EPC”) management service and technology providers. From technology licensing, project planning and engineering design, procurement and construction management, as well as start-up and operational services, Polytex provides diversified services and one-stop solutions to clients worldwide. "POLYTEX","ACME" and "CHINDUSTRY" are trademarks of Group.

Polytex是领先的化学工程、采购和建筑("EPC")管理服务及技术提供商之一,从技术许可、项目计划和工程设计、采购和施工管理、以及启动和运营服务,Polytex为全球客户提供多样化的服务和一站式解决方案。"POLYTEX"." ACME"和"CHINDUSTRY"是本集团的商标。

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